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The company started operating its own hoppers independently in August 2020, but already at the time of December 2020 had reached its first 100,000 tons in terms of grain transportation.

Starting from 80 wagons in September, the company increased the volume of traffic to 269 wagons during the first month of operation. In November, the number of wagons operated by BGS Rail increased to 369 units. Such dynamics allowed the company to take away all grain carriages from the lease and at the moment launch all 489 of its railcars for personal use.

The main clients of BGS Rail are such large companies as: LLC “Agro-Region Ukraine”, LLC “Grainsward”, LLC “Epicenter-Agro”, LLC “Eridon”. The transportation was carried out to the ports of Ukraine – Odessa port, Chernomorsk port, Chernomorskaya (exp. for TIS), Nikolaev exp.

In total BGS Rail transported the following types of crops:

  •          September – soybean seeds, wheat, rapeseed – 10,000 tons;
  •          October – wheat, corn grain – 32,500 tons;
  •          November – wheat, corn grain, barley – 59,500 tons.

In total, in the 2020/2021 marketing year, 21.32 million tons of grain were exported, of which 14.02 million tons were exported by rail. According to preliminary forecasts, in the marketing year it is planned to export additionally around 26.08 million tons of grain, of which 16-18 million tons should be transported by rail.

BGS Rail, in turn, is planning to expand its wagon fleet and launch more grain wagons for operation in 2021.

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